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Check out some of these pictures from our classes, programs, and tours! Click on a image to see a close-up.

In the springtime, the "Hall of Sycamores" is stunning!

When the water is high, we get to paddle through a flooded island!

2021 Summer of Discovery--kids in "What Remains Behind" learn about the bones of a coyote.

A quiet early-morning kayak trip is the perfect way to clear your head.

The beautiful purple flowers of the wisteria vine can be seen in early spring, up in the trees.

Alligators are common in the swamps around Natchez. Leave them alone, and they'll leave you alone.

Mississippi's state tree is the Southern magnolia. Its sweet-smelling blooms draw all kinds of pollinators, including honeybees.

These tracks were made by a raccoon. The dead giveaway is that they look like little human hands (but with claws).

Toads are commonly seen in damp forested areas. Contrary to old wives tales, you CANNOT get warts from handling toads.

The pignut hickory tree produces round nuts which are favored by deer and squirrels. Here are four views of the nuts--fresh green husk, dried brown husk, nut only, and nut broken into.

A crow made these tracks on a sandbar. Other common bird tracks around streams are made by great blue herons and turkeys.

The paperwhite is in the same family as the daffodil. Its fragrant blooms appear in late winter. Not all paperwhites are white--some are yellow or orange.

If you see an Eastern box turtle, please don't take it home! One way to tell the males from the females is to look at the eyes. Males have bright red or orange eyes, while females have dark red or brown eyes.

The mayapple is one of the first plants to shoot up in the forest in the spring. It grows to around a foot tall, and has a white bloom under its umbrella-like leaves.

During a CEU class on Ancient Egypt, teachers work on a time line project that covers 6000 years worth of Egyptian history!

X-darby's corinthians

Natchez has many beautiful architectural details, like this gorgeous Corinthian column capital.


Participants in the Forensics CEU program learn how to make a fingerprint card.

Looking at the scene

Teachers inspect the crime scene during a forensics CEU program.

The staff of the Natchez Convention and Visitors Bureau had a great team building experience during their escape room program!

Can you find this distinguished Native American gentleman in downtown Natchez?

What's in the box? Will it help you escape the room? You'll need all your wits about you to figure out the clues that open this lock!

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