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It’s not always easy to get away from our busy lives, when many of us are stuck in buildings all day long. We yearn to be exploring in the woods, diving under water, or hiking along mountain trails. For those times when you need a nature fix, it’s OutsideIN MS to the rescue! 

Here you will find the makings of your very own mini natural history museum.  We carefully curate each monthly box with a variety of minerals, insects, fossils, seeds, leaves, pods, and so much more, all with information cards and labels.  You’ll also find something special in each box: a book, a tool, or a rarer specimen. When you can’t go to nature, let nature come to you.

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Welcome to OutsideIn MS…where we bring Natchez, Mississippi to YOU! We think Natchez is a very special place, with rich history, beautiful architecture, and gorgeous trees.  At over 300 years old, Natchez is the oldest city on the Mississippi River. Now we invite you to take a little bit of Natchez home.  


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